Anybody complying with the aim and objectives of the library and upholding the spirit of the War of Independence can be welcomed as a member of the library. One can choose any of the three categories of membership:

  1. General Member: One can be a general member filling up a prescribed form and contributing TK. 1000.
  2. Life Member: Donating TK. 20000, anybody can be a Life Member.
  3. Donor Member: A person who will donate more than Tk. 20000 or books and other educational materials worth this amount, can be enlisted as a Donor Member.
  4. No fee is applicable to the students. Members are enlisted all the year round.


 How the organization runs: The organization is run by a committee. A 31 member-committee is elected for tenure of 3 years through an election where all 1300 members are entitled to exercise their suffrage. There is also a 21 member advisory body to advise and supervise all activities.