Annual Expenses                                                             

  1. Salary of 2 staff ( 1 librarian and 1 support staff) 1,92,000 BDT
  2. Honorius of Physician ( for Free Friday Clinic) 1,50,000 BDT
  3. Newspaper, electricity bill 72,000 BDT
  4. Arrangement of different programs, workshops etc 4,00,000 BDT
  5. Scholarship and other educational support 10,00,000BDT
  6. Tree plantation                                          1,00,000 BDT
  7. Support for poverty eradication                       1,00,000BDT
  8. Maintainace of buildings and equipments 2,00,000BDT
  9. Other expenses                            3,00,000BDT
  10. Total 25,14,000BDT     



Source of Fund: Subscription from members and donations from kind hearted persons and organizations. We also welcome books and other educational materials.


Accountably of Fund: Subscriptions are taken with receipts and donations are taken through bank account. Internal audit is carried out once in a year also external audit is done by government from time to time. Any donation is acknowledged by letter, mail and also shown in library website.