Your little contribution can assist a library; an initiative in a remote village of Bangladesh which is working to bring light Into life of disadvantaged people for last 30 yrs.

Announcement :

WE ARE Anirban library

Established: 1990

Instability and decay of values characterize modern life. Salvation lies in self-development. Only diversified efforts can make self-development possible. Self-development of individuals is certainly the way to quicken the overall development of the society. The inception of Anirban library upholds this spirit of social development and has widely been recognized as a ‘lighthouse’ in a region – deprived of the light of development. It is a non-profitable, non-political, voluntary, charitable institution aiming at accelerating positive change in the society through imparting values, providing support for education, ensuring basic healthcare, poverty elevation and ensuring access to information technology.

Together we can make our socity better

There is no great joy than saving a soul

We have focused on

Free Friday Clinic

Anirban Blood for life

Adult education center

ICT center

Language club

Agricultural Program

Education for all

Make our society green

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

Permanent Member (BDT 20,000)

Genaral Member (BDT 1000)

Annual Fee (BDT 200)

Student Member (Free)

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